Rope Bridge Design

This was made before I started this blogging mess. Charles and I wanted an iconic rope bridge for our Lost Temple style dungeon. I mean how could we even call it that if we didn’t have one?

This was my second attempt at a rope bridge. I made a very small baby one at first and worked my way up to this.

To build this, Charles first cast and glued the steps together for me. Then I painted the steps, washed them, and glued in bamboo skewers into them. Next, and bear with me it’s been a bit since making this, I glued the bottom support ropes on each side to the correct tautness. I then wrapped the ends around to make it look tied and sealed them in glue. After that, I then glued stained, cut up to look worn, wooden planks across the bottom twine ropes. Then, I glued the top twine ropes and created the “support” ropes between the bamboo skewers.

To finish it off, I looped the twine rope between the top and bottom ropes, and tied them where the knots are located at.

After I looked at it, I realized the twine was too fuzzy and a lot of cutting with scissors ensued. I then sealed all the ropes with a watered down clear scenic glue.

Here are the final results. Obviously, in the future I will be taking in between steps.


2 thoughts on “Rope Bridge Design

  1. alphastream says:

    I’m really digging your blog. As a big fan of using Indiana Jones inspiration in my adventures, I truly dig this one. I think I may give it a shot, but perhaps with some hook in the middle joining the two halves… that way i could unhook the bridge if someone cut the ropes, so that the pieces dangle down into a ravine above a raging river… 🙂 Keep up the great posts, please!


    • DaintyDungeons! says:

      Thank you! I really appreciate your comments and input. The campaign that we are writing for this dungeon is titled Savage! and really fits the Indiana Jones style we are going for.

      The hooks are a great idea for the bridge!


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