Dwarven Forge and Hirst Arts

Here’s an example of Hirst Arts floor tiles used alongside Dwarven Forge wall tiles.  The Hirst Arts tiles are mounted on standard foam core from Michael’s craft store.  The fit with the pre-made tiles is very good.

Also note the mixture of Hirst Arts and Mage Knight dungeon dressing.  The paint job on the Hirst Arts crates, barrels, pots, sacks, keg, and floor tile pieces was done by Kaliegh, and I painted the torches.




2 thoughts on “Dwarven Forge and Hirst Arts

  1. daggerandbrush says:

    I am surprised they fit so well together, as I thought there is a slight height difference between the pieces. It seems the foamcore really just added the exact height needed. Looks like a wonderful dungeon and I hope it will see lots of play!

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