Reaper Bones III Graveyard Set – Mausoleum

Reaper Bones III is here! @blackfalconky got his haul in a few days ago and I’ve completed a few pieces already. I’m a fan of the graveyard set they included this year, especially the mausoleum (chapel possibly?).

I attempted an oxidized copper effect for the first time on this piece. I’m pleased with how well it turned out for a first attempt. I used an old craft copper paint I had laying around (DecoArt, Worn Penny) and Vallejo for the oxidization color. I used 1 part Magic Blue, 2 parts Goblin Green, 1 part Dead White, and 6 parts water. I also used 3 parts alcohol on some of the parts to help with running.

Also, here are some suggestions I have when working with this piece. The spiked roof topping is a separate piece. Glue this piece onto the roof before painting. It was a nightmare trying to get it to fit after painting, even with being careful not to paint on the joints. It took me 30 minutes of sanding and cutting to get it to fit. I don’t know if it was my cast or what. But just to be safe glue that bad boy in there before you throw paints at it. Second, if you intend to game inside the piece do not glue the walls together. The roof does not come out without having to take at least the front or back wall off. Kind of a design fail in my opinion, but luckily it stays together okay without being glued.




One thought on “Reaper Bones III Graveyard Set – Mausoleum

  1. daggerandbrush says:

    The oxidation effects are spot on and look very convincing. The grey tone you used for the stone as a enough brown in it to look naturalistic and I also think it was a good idea to paint the skulls as stone ornaments and not actual skulls.

    The only thing that could be improved is the ivy effect, as I find the moss not very convincing. It works if you wanted to depict dead roots. Have a look at the Mini Natur Ivy. I think it looks really good. You can also use birch seeds for some accenting dry leaves.

    Finally you could further emphasise the age of the structure adding light moss or lichen (Vallejo has a nice effect paint, so does AK Interactive), but it depends if you feel the structure is still in use.


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