Kalieghs Face


My name is Kaliegh, commonly referred to as Kaewee, and I discovered just a few months ago that I have a huge passion for painting tabletop roleplaying terrain. And by discovered I mean my boss, Charles Plemons III, who has been reading/playing/writing/building/obsessed with it for 27 years recruited me into it because of my already existing love of painting. I started painting when I was very young and it grew into a passion around the age of 13. As I got into high school, I realized I loved painting intricate scenes on my nails. In college, I really expanded on doing crafty things and dabbled in just about every crafty hobby you could think of. Painting, sewing, knitting, aquarium keeping, gardening, sculpting, stain glassing, jewelry making, calligraphy. My apartment is basically a collection of dead hobby artifacts. Somewhere in all of that madness I managed to graduate with a bachelors in Computer Information Technology and hand raise two kittens, Pikal and Oliver.

Charles hooked (read trapped) me into the terrain building/painting hobby with a few miniatures at first. After painting just a few, I was enthralled with the entire hobby. Ever since we became a dynamic duo. Charles casts, designs, and builds the dungeon pieces and I paint them. I now play in his weekly gaming group, Phoenix Gaming, that he DMs amazingly.

This blog is going to be dedicated to my adventures with painting tabletop roleplaying terrain and the like.

Current Project: Charles and I are working on a Lost Temple style dungeon based around a campaign we are writing titled, “Savage!”.

Links: Charles’ Website, Charles’ Blog of Our Gaming Group


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